Inform Mapper

Inform Mapper is an interactive web graphing application for Inform adventure games. You can see it in action here with the code available here. About Remember those old text adventure games where you would type in what you wanted your character to do? Those games came in many formats, but one of the most popular was the Inform format. Even »


An osx 10.11+ aimbot for cs2d Only works on bots, but can easily be modified to work online by changing the tpl_get_bot signature to call tpl_get_player. Compiling Compiles as a dynamic library and needs to be injected into CS2D using an injector. Tested with the injector I wrote, available at https: »

dylib_injector (OSX dynamic library injector)

About dylib_injector is an injector that allows you to load dynamic libraries into other processes' memory and execute them. This allows you to do things like directly modify memory and execute remote code within the memory and permissions of the process you inject into it. Injections works via creating a remote thread inside the app that calls dlopen. The »

Chrome Extension Skeleton Generator

Chrome Extension Skeleton Generator (or cesgen) is a python utility designed to allow rapid prototyping of Chrome Extensions. Some of the features: Crafts a maintainable folder structure for development. Takes cares of permissions and script syntax in the manifest file. Copies over css/img directories into your projects. Creates background and content-scripts with options and context-menu code added. Quick creation »

mem_scan (Mac OS X memory scanner)

About mem_scan is a POC memory editor that uses the mach_vm kernel calls to scan, read, and write integer memory regions of other userland processes. Included in the project is an example target that can be tested against. It must be run as root to attach to userland processes. Options -p : The pid of the target process. Can »