Stacks Are Horrible

Everyone has their own version of an idea board.

Some people like physical whiteboards. Typically they use these to write equations that show how utterly intelligent they are.

Gaussian integral
That is sure math right there.

Other people like sticky-notes. My father is a fan of this approach. Sticky-notes have a unique hashing algorithm that allow you to put the same item on multiple notes. Because you lose every note.

I like to think I combine the worst of all worlds. I have one giant text document, filled with every project I plan to do, along with disparate notes on how I intend to do them. To properly utilize this system, I ensure that my notes are as uninterpretable as possible. Some examples to guide you:

pull u from age

You may notice that age does not have a "u."

On my RedditRandomizer

add ability to randomize

Well, yeah, I guess. This is still there, which makes me realize I either intended something else or I am actually retarded.

swipe but have to lift up on button

I made sure not to mention what the button was, or why I would be swiping. Or even what this is for.

The most important feature of my system is that it will naturally be used via a stack. New projects will be inserted on top and then new projects will be taken off the top. This ensures that great ideas you once had float naturally to the bottom, until you can convince yourself that they really are not that impressive and delete them.

I am a horrible life-coach.