Link Collector

Quickly view and access all the links on any page. Use simple key-binds to easily page and navigate to them. Activation is as easy as Alt + i (this key can be configured in chrome://extensions). Play Store If you have a specific link you want to find? Use Alt + f to search for it: Code is available here and licensed »

BrowserQuest Bot

A bot for BrowserQuest that hooks the client to send auto-attack commands. Can be seen in action at here. Execute in the developer console after you load into the server with your player. Tested with Chrome. Development was done on a modified version of BrowserQuest that fixed some dependency issues in the original version. It works by hooking the game's »

Accessing RequireJS Modules for Debugging

RequireJS is a module loader for Javascript that allows you to separate your code into separate modules and then lazy-load the relevant code when you need it. If done right, it makes your code easier to develop and maintain. We don't care about that right now. On a page without a module loader, Javascript code exists at the global level. »

Chrome Extension Store Scam

One nice thing about writing developer-facing applications is I know I'll never get famous. Most of the stuff I publish is generally used by 15-100 people. So imagine my surprise when over the course of ten days in October, one of my extensions jumped from 100 users to over 19,000. The extension in question was jQuery Injector, which is »

Data Converter

Data Converter is a VSCode extension that allows you to quickly convert sections of data from one form to another. It can be used to assist in debugging error logs or any other number-heavy process. Download here. Usage Select text and press Alt+D to bring up the options menu. Features Decimal, Hex, and Binary conversions of individual numbers and »