C Multi-Level Pointers

I feel like I have read a lot of anti-C articles recently. Don't worry, I'm not going to sit here and claim C is the greatest language ever invented. However, at this point, it has taken the unfairly assigned mantel of all the worst things about unprotected programming. I thought it might be fun to take a break from that »

Launch Starcraft: Remastered on Mac Without Battle.net

Open the terminal and enter the following commands: $ cd /Applications/Starcraft/Starcraft.app/Contents/MacOS $ ./StarCraft -launch The first one changes to the install directory of Starcraft. The second one launches the game with the -launch parameter, which bypasses opening Battle.net. »

Link Collector

Quickly view and access all the links on any page. Use simple key-binds to easily page and navigate to them. Activation is as easy as Alt + i (this key can be configured in chrome://extensions). Play Store If you have a specific link you want to find? Use Alt + f to search for it: Code is available here and licensed »

BrowserQuest Bot

A bot for BrowserQuest that hooks the client to send auto-attack commands. Can be seen in action at here. Execute in the developer console after you load into the server with your player. Tested with Chrome. Development was done on a modified version of BrowserQuest that fixed some dependency issues in the original version. It works by hooking the game's »

Accessing RequireJS Modules for Debugging

RequireJS is a module loader for Javascript that allows you to separate your code into separate modules and then lazy-load the relevant code when you need it. If done right, it makes your code easier to develop and maintain. We don't care about that right now. On a page without a module loader, Javascript code exists at the global level. »