Inform Mapper

Inform Mapper is an interactive web graphing application for Inform adventure games. You can see it in action here with the code available here.

Site screenshot


Remember those old text adventure games where you would type in what you wanted your character to do? Those games came in many formats, but one of the most popular was the Inform format. Even though the company that created it, Infocom, went bankrupt, the Inform format was reverse-engineered and recreated, so even many modern adventure games use it.

Since the format is well-understood and well-structured, it's possible to map out all the nodes in a game along with how they connect. That's what this site does. Inform files end with the .z1-.z8 extension.

Inform Mapper is a Flask app that uses cytoscape.js to draw the interactive graph. It uses gulp to deal with building all the frontend resources.


Inform Mapper makes use of the following resources:

The build process makes use of gulp and sass. Run gulp watch while developing and gulp dist to generate a distribution package.

The backend uses Flask and Python 3.

The server related code is explained in the server/ file.