GBA Explorer

Explore GameBoy Advanced ROMs and see and hear all their data, text, graphics, and sounds.
Hero screenshot

View the ROM entry point, debugging information, game title, code, and version. This can be used to see what particular version of a game you have.
Header screenshot


View the raw data of the ROM. Search by offset, byte sequence, and ascii text supported.
Hexview screenshot


By searching for known text strings, you can generate an alphabetic map to dump large sections of undecoded text from the game.
Strings screenshot


View the compressed and uncompressed graphics on the rom to see backgrounds and sprite maps. Supports zoom and tile shifting.
Graphics screenshot


On games that implement the sappy soundengine, you can listen to their tracks and sounds.


This is an electron application built with Vue and Bulma. It functions as an SPA. The decompression code for graphics uses a large amount of code from Nintenlord's work modified to work in Javascript. The decompression code for sound is strongly based on the GBA Sappy Engine Detector by Bregalad.

Code and releases for OSX can be found here.